Thursday, February 19, 2009

in BetweeN the pages

Hi, welcome to the newly minted in BetweeN the Pages. This is a creation of two best friends who've spent their lives in the middle of nowhere, where books were the best escape. Through it all, our authors- new and old- have been our constant companions, not to mention therapists.
Our names are Beth and Nathan and we are forever on our own literary journeys. We're both seniors in high school. We both love movies, music, and obviously books-we are what you call, media geeks. We've both been involved in our respective scouting programs and earned each organizations highest honor. We both speak two languages, sarcasm being the second. However, we're also very different. Nathan plans to be an English major. Beth will major in chemistry. Nathan is laid-back and thinks planning is pointless. Beth is hyper-driven and plans everything months (if not years) in advance. Nathan adapts easily. Beth likes structure. Nathan is liberal. Beth is moderate-conservative. Nathan is long winded. Beth likes things straightforward. These similarities and differences will hopefully enable us to deliver fresh and engaging reviews.
Sometimes we'll both review the same book and give a "he-said, she-said" style review. Other times we may individually post a review, but either way we promise to give our honest, only slightly censored, opinions.

Here is our rating system:
One Star-Use as doorstop
Two Stars-Bearable while on pain medication
Three Stars-Read once, do not repeat
Four Stars-Definitely keep it on your shelf
Five Stars-Use as altar

As the blog continues we may expand our format to include things like music, movies, or anything else we have an opinion on. So stick around, and enjoy the bookage (Nathan enjoys creating new words).


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