Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bones of Faerie

The war between humanity and Faerie devastated both sides. Or so fifteen-year-old Liza has been told. Nothing has been seen or heard from Faerie since, and Liza's world bears the scars of its encounter with magic. Corn resists being harvested; dandelions have thorns. Trees move with sinister intention, and the town Liza calls home is surrounded by a forest that threatens to harm all those who wander into it. Still Liza feels safe. Her father is strong and has protected their town by laying down strict rules. Among them: Any trace of magic must be destroyed, no matter where it is found.

Then Liza's sister is born with faerie-pale hair, clear as glass, and Liza's father leaves the baby on a hillside to die. When her mother disappears into the forest and Liza herself discovers she has the faerie ability to see--into the past, into the future--she has no choice but to flee. Liza's quest will take her into Faerie and back again, and what she finds along the way may be the key to healing both worlds.
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Beth says 4 Stars...
I really enjoyed this book. The first chapter is absolutely astounding and sucked me in. It was so intense and more than borderline creepy in the best possible way. The only bad thing was that it didn't keep up after that. There was a bit of a lag afterwords, where I was left slightly confused because the world didn't get clearly defined. I wasn't sure what had happened, and my curiosity overwhelmed me. Eventually, things were clarified and I got back into the story. However, that took a little bit of time. Once the book got going, it was awesome! I loved that it didn't try to be a happy fluff book, and instead took the route of being bleak and harsh. The reality that set in was astounding since the world of the book is so unlike our own. The intensity of the book really came through in reading, which was lovely. The characters were interesting, but weren't the focal point of the book. It felt like the story and, more importantly, the world building took center stage. I have to say that I'd would recommend this book, but you need to think before reading it. It isn't like the average YA paranormal romance, and really veers to the darker side. If you want something that will make you think and that isn't a barrel of rainbows and sprinkles, I say go for it. If not, steer clear because this one is intense, but really good.


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