Monday, April 27, 2009

The Book of Dreams

Dana Faolan, the spunky half-faerie heroine of The Light-Bearer’s Daughter, the third book in The Chronicles, has been using her access to the land of Faerie to escape the troubles of being a teenager in a new town. But a dark, mysterious enemy is determined to sever the two worlds forever, thus dooming both. It will take all of Dana’s bravery and resourcefulness, plus the help of friends old and new, to save her two homes, especially when it becomes clear that the answer lies in an act of terrible sacrifice.
Nathan says 5 stars...
If you like fairy folklore, then you must read this book. O.R. Melling is genius. The depth in this book speak of years and years of research. If it's been a while since you've read the other books in the The Chronicles of Faerie, it may take a few seconds to adjust, because all the characters are back for this epic finale. Melling's characters seem so utterly real, which is a spectacular feat considering the fantastical backdrop. Dana's struggle is so fascinating, and as a reader I really felt for her. Melling's prose is lush, yet fun. There is no want for drama or action. The ending may be a little sudden for some, but I thought it was appropriately bittersweet. This is a definite must-read, and it has a shiny cover. (Who doesn't love a shiny cover?)


Kate said...

This book sounds really interesting. I haven't read the first book yet though :P

Jen said...

I haven't read these in forever! The final cover is so pretty ^_^

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