Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The King's Rose

Life in the court of King Henry VIII is a complex game. When fifteen-year-old Catherine Howard catches the king's eye, she quickly transforms from pawn to queen. But even luxury beyond imagination loses its luster as young Catherine finds her life-and her heart-threatened by the needs of an aging king and a family hungry for power. Will their agendas deliver Catherine to the same fate as her infamous cousin, Anne Boleyn-sacrificed at the altar of family ambition?

Engaging historical fiction with a throbbing YA heartbeat, this thrilling novel will draw readers into the intrigues and dangers of the Tudor court.


Beth says 3 Stars...

I know they always say don't jusdge a book by it's cover, but we all do. Partially because of the beautiful cover, I had high hopes for this book. I've developed a greater interest in historical fiction because I'm taking AP European history, and I especially love books set in England. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I had a major problem with Catherine. She was constantly manipulated by everyone else throughout the story and recognized this. Despite her resentment at being used, she did nothing about it. I also didn't enjoy the fact that she was portrayed as shallow and concerned mainly with fine things. I only began to warm to her at the very end of the book; that is when she felt most real to me. One thing that was an asset to the novel was Libby's writing. The prose was lush and descriptive, bringing to life the court of King Henry VIII. Another problem was the pace of the book; it dragged on in several places. Overall, I think that this book was just okay and failed to live up to its potential. It's an interesting read for those who love the Tudors, but nothing to lose your head over (sorry... I couldn't resist).


Jen said...

Not my kinda thing, it does have a great cover though

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