Friday, March 20, 2009

How to Ditch Your Fairy

Welcome to New Avalon, where everyone has a personal fairy. Though invisible to the naked eye, a personal fairy, like a specialized good luck charm, is vital to success. And in the case of the students at New Avalon Sports High, it might just determine whether you make the team, pass a class, or find that perfect outfit. But for 14-year-old Charlie, having a Parking Fairy is worse than having nothing at all—especially when the school bully carts her around like his own personal parking pass. Enter: The Plan. At first, teaming up with arch-enemy Fiorenza (who has an All-The-Boys-Like-You Fairy) seems like a great idea. But when Charlie unexpectedly gets her heart’s desire, it isn’t at all what she thought it would be like, and she’ll have resort to extraordinary measures to ditch her fairy. The question is: will Charlie herself survive the fairy ditching experiment? From the author of the acclaimed Magic or Madness trilogy, this is a delightful story of fairies, friendships, and figuring out how to make your own magic.

Beth says 4 Stars...
I was looking forward to reading this book. I really enjoyed the Magic or Madness trilogy, and therefore expected great things from this book as well. Although it wasn't quite as good as I expected it to be, I still enjoyed reading it. I loved how unique the fairies in this book were, they weren't like Tinker Bell. I thought it was cute how they all had their little quirks and all did such different things. I also found the culture of New Avalon fascinating, and felt a little bit of scathing social commentary. The complete obsession with sports and the city itself was another facet to this almost real world. Charlie was a decent character, but, as with all the characters in the book, there was really nothing special that made her stand out in my mind. She may as well have been any other host of female characters. Despite its shortcomings, this book was really fun and absolutely adorable. It had some thought provoking points about what you really want, but managed to somehow remain rather foofy. This was a fun, light read.


Insert Book Title Here said...

Sounds really cute. I love the cover!

MssJos said...

I really want to read this one! I am amazed at how popular fairies have become in YA lit! Also, I have an award for you guys on my blog! :) (Sorry I'm from Ohio, I say "you guys")

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