Thursday, March 5, 2009


The vampire in me was closer to the surface . . .

Evernight Academy: an exclusive boarding school for the most beautiful, dangerous students of all—vampires. Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told her destiny is to become one of them.

But Bianca fell in love with Lucas—a vampire hunter sworn to destroy her kind. They were torn apart when his true identity was revealed, forcing him to flee the school.

Although they may be separated, Bianca and Lucas will not give each other up. She will risk anything for the chance to see him again, even if it means coming face-to-face with the vampire hunters of Black Cross—or deceiving the powerful vampires of Evernight. Bianca's secrets will force her to live a life of lies.

Yet Bianca isn't the only one keeping secrets. When Evernight is attacked by an evil force that seems to target her, she discovers the truth she thought she knew is only the beginning. . . .


Beth says 4 Stars…
This book is the second in a series (the first book is Evernight), and you definitely have to have read the first book to understand anything. That being said, I enjoyed this book. The characters are interesting, and some of Gray’s ideas are fresh. However, the main problem with this book is that quite often you feel like you’ve read it before. As I said earlier there are some unexpected twists, including the inclusion of another group of the supernatural, but most of the plot “twists” are predictable. The plot moved rather slowly, and most of the problems I had with the book were with the plot. The writing itself is good, but the plot did feel forced at times. Overall, this book is a fun read and I look forward to the next book in the series.

Nathan says 3.5 stars...

For me this book is really stuck in the middle. It's good, and I'll read the next book, sure, but there were definitely issues. The writing was really subtle and beautiful. Gray was able to nuance her writing so that we could always feel where the book was going; however, this is also a bad thing. The book is a little predictable. The first half is close to boring. Twilight fans may draw comparisons to New Moon, HP fans to Order of the Phoenix. The second half picks up and is great-until the last five pages where a contrived and forced ending ruins the experience. Minus the first half and the ending, this book may have had a 4.5 star rating, but those flaws are way too big to overlook. Good, but could have been great. Look for it on shelves soon-see if you agree.


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