Thursday, June 4, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

When the uptight Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Crescent Islands is sent to marry the 'uncouth' Ramil ac Burinholt, heir to the throne of Gerfal, they are both horrified. The princess is used to a life of discipline, ritual and splendour, Ramil to a life spent hunting and carousing. But the countries of both are under threat from the fearsome warlord Fergox Spearthrower and the only chance of peace is for them to form an alliance. So when Ramil and Tashi - as he insists on calling the princess to her annoyance - are kidnapped, things look disastrous. But the kidnap is the start of an exhilarating journey involving circus troupes, bloody battles, unarmed combat, daring escape and breakneck chases. Along the way, Ramil and Tashi learn much about themselves and one another, and through the cast of characters they encounter - a circus strongman, dashing rebels, brave slaves and many ordinary people - they begin to see a way to bring the mighty Fergox Spearthrower low, and save their beautiful lands from devastation and war.

Wow, this one looks good. Let's look at this, exotic fantasy locations, mismatched love, and war are all great for books-this book combines all three. We really like how original, yet familiar this one seems. It has the elements of classic YA fantasy, but with a fresh twist. The US release date appears to be October aka too long. We'll just suffer until then.


Erica said...

Looks really good!

Kate said...

This sounds really good. Great WoW post.

MssJos said...

Cool cover!

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog all month and entering the giveaways! The best part of the giveaways for me was getting to find all the wonderful blogs out there of likeminded people, like yours! You have a great blog, and I really enjoy it!

Kelly at The Novel Bookworm

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