Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It all comes down to this - a final faceoff between good and evil. You plan to pull out all the stops, but every time you solve one mystery, three more evolve. Do you stay the course you started, despite your lack of progress? Do you detour and follow a new lead that may not help? Do you listen to your instincts, or your friends?

Lord Voldemort is preparing for battle and so must Harry. With Ron and Hermione at his side, he's trying to hunt down Voldemort's Horcruxes, escape danger at every turn, and find a way to defeat evil once and for all. How does it all end?
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Nathan says 5 stars...
So I was standing there at midnight...a massive cheer goes up...a press of bodies...a blur of geektastic people...and then...it was in my hand. I couldn't believe it. The final Harry Potter novel was clutched in my greedy hands. Sitting with friends at 12:25 AM, July 26, 2007, I sat in the grassy median of a Barnes & Noble, and started reading the beginning of the end. I eventually left that grassy patch and continued home and in the next 18 hours finished the most anticipated novel in history. I've experienced Deathly Hallows a few times since, and some thoughts stick with me each time I read it. The first thought is how incredibly dark the book is, I mean lots of death. As Beth put it, it's a bloodbath. Many beloved characters make an appearance, and they are as engaging and original as ever. The story is up to Rowling's high standards; however, it does hit a lull towards the middle. Looking for excitement? The final battle for Hogwarts is one of the most epic things to ever take place in the fictional world. My biggest issue with the book is the fact that a certain someone doesn't um...ieday (pig Latin to avoid spoilers). That ending would have fit with the tone of the book, but I suppose I shouldn't complain. Anyway you look at it, it's a must read.


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