Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Curse Dark as Gold

A spellbinding fairy tale, spun with mystery and shot through with romance

The gold thread shimmers in the fading light . . .

It promises Charlotte Miller a way out of debt, a chance to save her family's beloved woolen mill. It promises a future for her sister, livelihood for her townsfolk, security against her sinuous and grasping uncle. It might even promise what she didn't know she needed: lasting hope and true love.

But at what cost?

To get the thread, Charlotte must strike a bargain with its maker, the mysterious Jack Spinner. But the gleam of gold conjures a shadowy past -- secrets and bonds ensnaring generations of Millers. And Charlotte's mill, her family, her friends, her love . . . What do those matter to a powerful stranger who can spin straw into gold?
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Beth says 5 Stars...
This book was incredibly striking. I loved the re-imagining of the classic tale. Bunce brought new life to Rumpelstiltskin without destroying the original. However, Bunce's tale was so spellbinding that I found myself forgetting the original story; it's that captivating. The setting at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution was absolutely perfect; the collisions between progress and tradition mirror and heighten the tension of the story. Charlotte was a perfect heroine because she was both strong and compassionate, but flawed like a real person. I adored the way that the magical elements wove their way into the seemingly ordinary life of the mill and it's workers. It was phenomenal. Nothing in the story seemed out of place. I also loved the way that Bunce wrote the relationships. Everything wasn't always rainbows and sprinkles. This novel was amazing and I was trapped in it's spell. The intricate layers and beautiful writing made this book a joy to read and I reccommend this to everyone.


outofmiryclay said...
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celi.a said...

I've had this book around at different points for over three months now. I had to return it to the library because I just didn't get to it the first time, and now it's waiting in the pile again. I think based on your review, I'll move it up closer to the top. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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