Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Contest Fun!!!

Yes... We are giving away Geektastic! Thanks to our friends at Little, Brown we have not one, not two, but THREE copies of this amazing book to give out. Since we have so many copies we're going to do this contest a little differently. Two of the copies will be done by a random drawing, but the other will be given to the person who tells us their best geeky moment. Nathan and I will read all of them and then agree on the winner. So for entries:
+1 entry for submitting your story as a comment on this post.
+1 entry for tweeting about the contest and including a link in your tweet. If you tweet give us a link to your profile so we can check.

+2 entries for being or becoming a follower of in BetweeN the pages.
+2 entries for blogging about this contest or hosting a link in your sidebar. Give us the link for the blog for the extra entries.

It's come to our attention that Blogger is having some issues with the comment box. If for some reason you aren't able to comment, just send us an e-mail entitled Geektastic (or some other suitably geeky title) with the same information. Thanks for your patience.

As per the publisher's request this is for US and Canada only.

The contest ends August 27th so you all have two weeks.

May the Force be with you.


Lexie said...

My best geeky moment? Well its two actually--but they happened in the same hour. The first happened when I was rushing from my hotel room down to the autograph area of Dragon-Con. I had woken up late and was desperate to get out of the Marriott into the Hyatt as quickly as possible (which involved some tricky maze-like maneuverings since half the hallways were crammed with like-minded fans). As I'm turning the corner off the stairs to get to the hallway between the hotels I run smack into some guy, flying backwards and landing with a very hard OW.

I'm kinda dazed and shaking my head (while screaming silently at the fact that I was running even later) when the guy comes over to offer me a hand up. I'm so busy apologizing and screaming silently that I don't recognize his voice AT ALL. I finally look up to see who had such a fine chest that I ran into and I nearly drop dead at the sight. I had run straight into James Marsters (Spike on Buffy of course). My brain then began the screaming litany of 'OMG HE IS GOING TO BITE ME THIS IS SO BAD OMG HIS CHEST IS SO NICE' while my mouth is busy trying to form a word.

Finally I manage out a weak 'I am SO sorry Mr. James Marsters Spike sir' and he laughs, runs a hand through his hair and tells me not to worry about it. 'Had far worse happen to me' (is what he actually said). Then he smiled (his gorgeous smile) and asked me if I was really all right and I nodded like an idiot and said I had to dash off. I really really wanted to linger but I was so scared that I'd ask to run into him again just to feel him up (I know so shameless) that I had to run away.

So I missed the autograph signing (too busy drooling over James I suppose) and decided to wander around the aisles. I run into a friend and we wander together and about ten minutes later I end up close to where all the Firefly folks are signing. I gawked at Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin (they are both SO PRETTY my eyes were dazzled) and then turned towards where the guys were across the way and locked eye contact with Adam Baldwin, who was in between fans.

My friend nudges me to go talk to him, but I'm so busy trying to keep myself from turning purple from embarassment that I can't move at all. Finally my friend shoves me at Adam's table (which btw, not allowed I should have waited in line, but my friend was a convention gopher so I guess it was okay) and introduces me. Adam shakes my hand, smiles and then winks at me. I...fainted dead away. No joke at all. My friend thought I must have had stimulus overload between James Marsters and Adam Baldwin within thirty minutes of each other. When I finally came to (in my hotel room) my friend handed me a flower and notecard. Mr. Baldwin had been concerned and wanted to make sure I was okay.

::Ahem:: long story is over now. XD

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celi.a said...

I'm a fairly normal, well-adjusted person. I'm known for my silly sense of humor and my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants philosophy towards life. No one would guess that I'm a geek except for two things: I'm in grad school, and my personal fiction collection. I don't count my DVD collection because I have at least as many straight dramas as sci-fi & fantasy.
Anyway, a college suitemate and I were downtown in DC last September, and we decided to check out the National Book Fair on the Mall. Well, she thought we decided spur-of-the-moment. I had orchestrated the entire thing. We were there in time for Neil Gaiman's reading, and then I bought a copy of his new book, and THEN we stood in a line of 700 people waiting for him to sign it. This is me in my well-adjusted boat shoes and navy polo shirt getting my geek on with everyone in costume and raving about the glories of Gaiman's Sandman comics. I don't know if college friend will every be the same, but it was AWESOME.

+1 entry for submitting your story as a comment on this post.
+2 entries for being a follower of in BetweeN the pages.
+2 entries for linking this contest on my blog sidebar.

Thanks for the chance to win!


barbrafl said...

+1 Story
During my chemistry class last year, our teacher had always told us never to round until we finished the problem. So I obviously listened to him. When he presented the problem up on the board, solving it for someone who had questioned while the rest of us worked in groups, I was checking over my work and actually stood up to correct what he had written. All of his numbers were rounded to two decimal points, whereas I kept mine at eight. After actually rewriting my teacher's problem in front of the class, I realized the rounding only changed the problem slightly, only to turn around and find out everyone in the room was looking at me, wondering why I was making a big deal about it. Talk about embarrassing, but it was MY answer, higher by .2 than his, which was correct in the back of the book. Yes, I am a GEEK, but a geek who does Chemistry CORRECTLY.

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Thanks for the contest.

barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Shadowofwonder47 said...

This sounds like an awesome book! Please enter me.

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