Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Into the Wild + A Few Notes

We'd like to ask everybody's patience for the next couple of weeks (and for what's been happening now). Both of us will be moving into our schools, so things are really crazy and we might not get things posted as regularly as we'd like. Don't fear, though. Once we get settled everything will be back to normal. Nathan left today for a special program (because he's a special person) and cannot have his computer, and will be absent this entire week. He'd like me to say that he's looking forward to being back already. Thanks for being such great readers.

Happy Reading
Beth & Nathan

Now for the review...

Junior high is tough enough, even when your family is ordinary. And Julie Marchen's family is anything but ordinary: her brother is a talking cat, her grandmother is a bona fide witch, and her mother is Rapunzel. Yep, that Rapunzel -- long hair, tower, prince... Long ago, Rapunzel escaped the fairy tale with her fellow storybook characters to live in secret in our world. But Julie's world, our world, is about to change -- the fairy tale wants its characters back.

Now Julie must fight wicked witches, avoid glass slippers, fly griffins, and outwit magicians in order to rescue her mom and save her town from becoming a fairy tale kingdom
from sarahbethdurst.com

Beth says 5 Stars...
This book was adorable on so many levels. First of all, how can you not love something where a couple of the characters are Zel and Cindy, also known as Rapunzel and Cinderella? I particularly loved the fact that Zel ran a hair salon. This was a perfect blend of the real word and the world of fairy tales. I appreciated the fact that this wasn't just another retelling of one story (although I'm a sucker for those too), but that there were elements of so many different tales throughout the novel. Also, the whole concept of the Wild was fantastic. The fact that it is the place where all fairy tales reside and that it is able to control them is like nothing that I've ever read. I enjoyed seeing the characters as human; trapped against their will in stories they don't want. Even those who play evil roles may not me evil themselves; they could just be under the control of the Wild and not be able to stop themselves. This gave the characters remarkable depth, particularly those from fairy tales. Julie was a great heroine; flawed enough to be realistic, but capable of extraordinary things and sacrifices. There's a sequel to this book, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. This book was amazing, light with enough real substance to make it stick. This is for anyone who loves a twisted fairy tale.


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