Thursday, September 3, 2009

We Have Our Winners!!!!

The winners of our Geektastic Giveaway are:

The winner of the copy based on the story goes to:
for her absolutely hilarious (and super-geeky) story involving a convention, and not one, but TWO Joss Whedon show references. Jayne and Spike in one day is rather spectacular.

And from randomizer we got:(drumroll please)
Ninja Fampire

E-mail us with your address and we'll get the books on the way! A big thanks to everyone who participated. Live long and prosper.


Lexie said...

:D i'm not doing my happy dance. oh no not me. ::goes to do her happy dance in the privacy of her room::

e-mailing you now :D

celi.a said...

YAYAY! live long and prosper, yourselves! thanks so much! (i've just emailed)

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