Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Books for You

Hey everyone, our new contest starts today. We're giving away the Evernight series by Claudia Gray. That's right-you get both Evernight and Stargazer if you win. Here are the rules.
+1 entry for commenting below and telling us your best name for a vampire boarding school.
+1 entry for tweeting about the contest and including a link in your tweet. If you tweet give us a link to your profile so we can check.
+2 entries for being or becoming a follower of in BetweeN the pages.
+2 entries for blogging about this contest or hosting a link in your sidebar. Give us the link for the blog for the extra entries.
The contest will end July 27, 2009.
US residents only-sorry!

Best of luck and much love to everyone.


Erica said...

OMG! I Loved Evernight! I still haven't read Stargazer, but it's on my TBR.

My name would be Evergreen.
I'm already a follower :)
I posted a link in my sidebar:

:) Erica

Cecelia said...

These two books look entertaining (and I can hardly believe I haven't read them...after all, they're about vamps!).

Campy, corny school name: Incisor Night Academy

+2 for posting this contest in the sidebar of my blog at: http://ceceliabedelia.blogspot.com.



Cecelia said...

also, when does this contest end?

Summer said...

Suck-a-tash High

+2 follower

BN Book Blog said...

I'm so sorry celi.a, I totally forgot to post that. It will end July 27, 2009. Thanks for pointing that out.

Donna (Bites) said...

I'm up for this one! A good name for a vampire academy? Snagov Sanctum. Hardcore Dracula fans will get that one. I'm already a follower and I'll be posting a link in my sidebar and mentioning it in my Sunday Contest Slurry.

Busy Bookblogger said...

I have been wanting to pick these us!

+1 Hmm, a name, how about The Eternity Foundation for Undead Youth?
+2 I am already a follower
+2 I have added this to my sidebar at www.royalreads.com

Thanks for hosting!

Kristen said...

+1 Hm.. Academy for the Undead
+2 Just became a follower
+2 Added to sidebar at http://bookworminginthe21stcentury.blogspot.com/


Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

+1 I tweeted! https://twitter.com/bookbutterfly9
+2 I'm a follower!
+2 I blogged about this at http://butterflybookreviews.blogspot.com/2009/06/book-contests.html

Thank you!


Cassie G said...

Since my brain seems to not be working, I'll skip the creative naming.
it's cassie.

I'm a follower and it's on my sidebar!

(I'll be doing my first contest soon, so watch for it!)

~The Book Pixie said...

Thanks for having such a great contest. I've heard a lot about these books. :D

+1 How bout, Eternity Academy for Fangled Teens. Ok yeah that's lame but oh well.

+1 Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/thebookpixie/status/2420750628

+2 Linked to this contest in sidebar: http://thebookpixie.blogspot.com/


anotherpageisused said...

I have wanted to read this series so bad, but I haven't gotten around to buying them!

+1 Hmm.. Ever Eternity Academy of the Night. Haha, wow that sucks.

+1 I tweeted(:
( https://twitter.com/alexislovesyouu )

+2 I became a follower.

+2 I added a link on my sidebar.
( www.anotherpageisused.blogspot.com )


Brittany said...

+1 Nightshade Academy (that's all I got)
+2 became a follower
+2 put link in sidebar


The Lovely Reader said...

My name would be
+1 Noctema, coming from noctem which means night. That's all I can thing of :)

barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Eleni said...

+1 I twitted about it here: http://twitter.com/lafemmereaders
+2 I am a new follower
+2 I put it on my blog sidebar here: http://lafemmereaders.blogspot.com/


Eleni said...

Oops one more..
+1 My vampire boarding school name would be: Blood Sucking Academy

Sab H. said...

My name would be Bitten Academy.
New follower!
Put it on my sidebar: http://crystalreviews.blogspot.com/


Nesral said...

+1 BloodRed Sunset Academy
+2 New Follower

The Book Obsession said...

+1 Moonlight Academy
+2 I am a new follower!

Email: A7Xlvr0440@aol.com

Eli said...

+1 I like the name... Nightland's School for the Sunlight Impaired. Hee hee xD
+1 I tweeted it: http://twitter.com/TheTaintedPoet
+2 I'm a follower.
+2 for posting the link on my sidebar: http://tainted-poet.blogspot.com/

Nice contest!

Chloe said...

+1 Commenting.. I would name my vampire boarding school Midnight Dawn Academy
+1 Tweeted the contest here: http://twitter.com/chloeeesays
+2 Just became a follower

Cool contest!!

DeNiSe said...

+1 The best Name that I can come up with would be
DarkAngel Academy(I totally got in from the show Angel I love It)
+1 I tweeted about this contest http://twitter.com/Djimenez682
+2 I just Become a follower
+2 I linked about the contest in my sidebar in my blogger http://sweettreatsread.blogspot.com/


Jessica B said...

Let's see...my vampire boarding school name would have to be...Bloodline Academy (I haven't read Bloodline, I juist think it's a cool word).
+2 I'm now following you/
+2 You're on my sidebar. shutupimreading.blogspot.com


Lexie said...

+1--I'd name my Vampire Boarding School 'Nightwing Academia'...mostly because if I called it 'Knowledge by Night' it sounds more like a cram school XD

+2 became a follower

+1 tweeted about the contest (http://twitter.com/lexilewords)

+2 added to my sidebar (http://lastexilewords.blogspot.com)

Book Sp(l)ot said...

+1 Nocte Prep
Must sign up for twitter someday!
+2 follower now

(Hopefully it'll be okay to leave a second comment if post about it)


Book Sp(l)ot said...

I posted it to my sidebar, too: http://book-splot.blogspot.com/


Wendy said...

My name would be Yellowrock School, something completely lame as to not be blindingly obvious that it's a vampire school!


Wendy said...

I became a follower! :)


Wendy said...

I posted a link on my sidebar!


Caffey said...

Wow, I can't believe I missed this series! Would love to be in the contest for this!
I'd name my boarding school 'Academy For Biting' (all the good ones were taken, LOL)

I just tweetered! (CaffeyCathie)
And posted on my blog on side under 'Contests'
I'm too following here!


María José said...

I love this contest! Please enter me.
I am a follower.


Unknown said...

The Turning Point.


Unknown said...




Unknown said...

New follower

Sage Ravenwood said...

Names for a vampire academy?

2)Thornapple- only blooms at night.
3)Vesper Iris

Thanks for the opportunity! Indigo


Anonymous said...

I'm now following you! Thanks! Indigo

ravensquietscreams@gmail.comI'm now following you! Thanks! Indigo


Valorie said...

Best name? Just a simple something like Night Academy.

Tweet: http://twitter.com/morbidromantic/statuses/2769418764

I am a follower.

Blogged: http://www.morbid-romantic.net/2009/07/21/book-giveaways-07-20-07-26/


amanda said...

vein valley? at least it's alliterative.
oheeyore at hotmail dot com

amanda said...

blog follower
oheeyore at hotmail dot com

amanda said...

blog follower 2
oheeyore at hotmail dot com

Hailey Miller said...

This sounds like an awesome series! Please enter me.
+1 Moonlight Legends Boarding School.
+2 I became a Follower.


throuthehaze said...

Great contest!

+1 Darknight Academy would be a decent name I think

+2 follower

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

donnas said...

For a name I would go with Nocturnal.

I am a follower.

I posted on my sidebar here: http://donnasbloghome.blogspot.com/

bacchus76 at myself dot com

RagDollVampGirl said...

I Would Choose Night Owl Academy..

I Am Now A Follower



Sandy said...

+1 Best name for a vamp school? Hmmm...something simple yet dark. DarkWing Academy?
+1 I tweeted about it at www.twitter.com/faeriexflash
+2 entries for being a follower
+2 there's a link on my sidebar at www.piratepenguinreads.blogspot.com

Sandy said...

Oh! Forgot my email :)


Ninja Fanpire said...

+1 Tweeted: http://twitter.com/NinjaFanpire/status/2881119222
+2 Became a Follower
+2 Linked in Blog: http://ninjafanpire.blogspot.com/2009/07/contests-ending-today-july-27th.html

E-Mail ninjafanpire@hotmail.com

Wendy said...

Hey guys, when you are you going to announce the winner? The suspense is killing me! :)

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