Thursday, May 14, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

What do you do if you can deadlift a car, and you spend your nights flying to get away from it all? If you’re fifteen-year-old Avery Pirzwick, you keep that information to yourself. When you’re a former jock turned freak, you can’t afford to let the secret slip. But then Avery makes some friends who are as extraordinary as he is. He realizes they’re more than just freaks—together, maybe they have a chance to be heroes. First, though, they have to decide whether to trust the mysterious Cherchette, a powerful would be mentor whose remarkable generosity may come at a terrible price.

This book just looks funny. Seriously, who doesn't love a super hero, especially one who isn't too thrilled about his powers. It sounds really interesting and fun. It's a bit of a departure from the fairy/faerie books, but we love a change!


MssJos said...

I'm really excited about this one too! I'm always looking for something that my reluctant male reader students might enjoy and I'm hoping this will be one of those treasures! :)

Summer said...

Don't have to wait long. Doesn't it come out tomorrow?

Kate said...

This sounds like a really fun read :D
Great review.

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