Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

When Bee woke up, there was a girl standing in her room. "You are me," the girl said. Then she was gone. I am a thirteen-year-old double Gemini. I get bad grades, write poetry with my left hand, dance in my room, surf the net. I Google images of the tattoos my mom won't let me get. . . But my world belongs to someone else. Someone who lives below the concrete of Los Angeles, someone with wild eyes and twigs in her hair.And I think she wants her life back.


I'm going to be perfectly honest-I started looking at this book because of the cover. I love this cover. It's so graphically cool. Then, I read the description, and I got really excited. It sounds really crazy, a little Vonnegut influenced, and totally enthralling. I'm going to cross my fingers that the content lives up to the cover.


Kate said...

The cover is cool. But the blurb sounds wicked! I want to read this.

Thao said...

I think I saw this one before. What a beautiful book.

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